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Example Night


5/12 - This figure show the vibration over time. The Y axis is the average maximum acceleration over a 1 minute interval. This is an indication of the intensity of the vibration. There is a clear on/off step function. This entire week was pretty bad.

This was a particularly bad night. The baby went to bed around 7 PM. She kept waking up, sometimes only minutes after she fell asleep. Each time it took her forever to go back to sleep with the vibrations. Our toddler finally fell asleep around 10 PM. She was exhausted, but really restless and unable to fall asleep. We woke nearly every spike you see.

On nights like this, it feels like I am constantly being woken up.  Often the baby and toddler wake almost simultaneously from separate rooms. There were a few stretches where we all slept (11:21 PM to 12:46 AM and 2:16 to 3:23 AM,  After 5:41 AM, I don't think any of us got any more sleep. There is a point in the morning where it gets really bad and persistent for a while. This can start as earlier as 4:00 AM. On good nights this might not happen until 6:30 AM. We were miserable after this night and the following night wasn't much better.

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