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Ulloa St Damage to Recent Road Work

The Ulloa St. Sewer Pavement & Renovation Project is ongoing I believe that most of the work completed to date occurred within that last year. There are a number of corner sidewalk sections that have been replaced between 22nd and 35th Ave. There is considerable damage to almost all of this corners that I looked at.


I believe that this damage is being caused by the vibration pollution. I think that the water mains are vibrating the ground, gas and sewer lines. It seems unlikely that there would be so much damage in such a short period just from normal wear and tear.


These images show just one corner at 31st ave. & Ulloa St. Similar damage is seen on other corners. In fact, I don't really see any corners with no damage.

32st and Ulloa overhead3.JPG
32 corner example.JPG
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