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Week of 1/4/2021

This week was fairly typical. There seems to be a daytime state and nighttime state. The day has higher intensity and intervals last longer. Nighttime usually has less intensity and last for shorter period. Historically, we have experienced all sorts of patterns though.There have been periods where the daytime state starts as earlier as 3:30 AM and ends as late as 11:45 PM. For this week, it started around 6:00 AM and ended around 10:00 PM. There also have been periods where there is a clear on/off cycle (like in the other example nights). I used those as examples because it is really obvious there is something mechanical coming on and turning off. We don't always observe this cycling though. There also have been periods where the once the daytime vibrations stop, there is no vibration until in the morning. Though this has been pretty rare.

I took logs most of these nights. It lines up with the measurements shown below. Until the vibrations seem to calm down from the day, the baby wakes up over and over. On average this week, she woke up about 3 or 4 times between when she first goes to sleep and the daytime vibrations stop.  


The toddler has a hard time falling asleep at night if the vibrations are bad. If it stops for more than a few minutes, she will fall asleep. Once she is a sleep, she will sleep through the vibrations in the first part of the night. Any of those peaks (>5 mm/s2), she usually wakes up. This is especially true if it lasts more than a minute.

Monday times.JPG
Tuesday Times.JPG
Wednesday times.JPG
thursday time.JPG
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