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What it Feels Like

Even from a deep sleep, it wakes me abruptly. It is a very uncomfortable sensation. It hard to describe but this is some of the effects my family has had:

  • Rapid heart beat

  • Short and shallow breathing

  • hearing humming sound like air compressor or idling truck

  • Anxiety

  • Restlessness

  • tingling and eventually numbness

  • Stimulant, like having caffeine

  • anything related to the resulting sleep deprivation

When we have had house guests, they are disturbed though they don't outright notice the vibrations. They will do things like immediately start to snore or get up and go to the bathroom. It clearly wakes them or at least disturbs their sleep.

We have observed our neighbors being similarly affected. Things like getting up in the middle of the night, turning on the television. We hear babies from a few houses away start to cry simultaneously with the start of vibrations. We notice some neighbors just looking generally exhausted. We have questioned a few folks to see if they feel the vibrations, but there has been skepticism. So we haven't really pushed it.

Our toddler and baby wake up almost immediately after the vibrations start. Often crying, sometimes hysterically so.  If they are exhausted they might sleep right through it, but the sleep is really disturbed. They occasionally pant or hyperventilate. The baby is incredibly jumpy after waking up. They both get really tense and show nervous tenancies like grinding their teeth or pinching their necks.


The longer they sleep through it, the more upset they are when they wake. My wife and I often have to pick them up off the bed and hold them so they can sleep.

The toddler frequently tosses and turns. She burrows under pillows and blankets, seemingly trying to escape. When it is severe she changes positions almost continuously. She moves before I can count to five, over and over, until the vibrations stop. It probably looks somewhat like what restless leg syndrome. She often cries out for it to stop, I know exactly what she is talking about, I feel it too.

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